Associated Press (AP): In service-heavy Florida, minimum wage boost is on ballot

By Mike Schneider
Associated Press (AP), Oct 31, 2020

ORLANDO — Joseph Gourgue wishes he could help out his children and grandchildren financially, but his $9 an hour wage as a wheelchair attendant at Orlando International Airport doesn’t let him. ...

Having workers earn a good wage makes them more productive and willing to stay, especially in an industry like the restaurant business, which has high turnover, said Diego Tosoni, a Miami restauranteur who supports Amendment 2.

Tosoni, who with his partner owns two Love Life Café locations in Miami and is planning a new one in Orlando, already pays his workers close to what the minimum wage would be in 2026 if the amendment passes. Starting salary for dishwasher is $11 an hour but with shared tips, that can get up to $14 an hour.

“It’s important to have our staff happy and productive,” Tosoni said.

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