Orlando Sentinel: Veronica Menin and Diego Tosoni: A better minimum wage means happier employees and better business

Op-Ed By Veronica Menin and Diego Tosoni
Orlando Sentinel, Nov 11, 2020. Also in Gainesville Sun, Miami Times.

When we opened our first Love Life Cafe location, we knew from the beginning we wanted to treat our employees well. Our business is all about helping people live healthier and happier lives. We couldn’t do that if our employees were struggling to make ends meet.

Now that we’re getting ready to open our third location, in Orlando, we’re even more committed to our recipe for success. Paying a fair wage isn’t just the right thing to do — it’s better for business. With fair pay, employees are happier, healthier and more productive, which is exactly why the passage of amendment No. 2 is good news for Florida’s businesses.

It’s no secret that very high employee turnover is a big challenge in the restaurant industry. Many restaurant workers face tough working conditions for little pay. It’s difficult to make a long-term job commitment, much less a career in that environment.

This frequent turnover makes no sense for business bottom lines. Constantly hiring and training new employees is expensive. New employees are more likely to make the kind of mistakes that waste product, distract other staff, and alienate customers. ...

Veronica Menin and Diego Tosoni are the owners of Love Life Cafe, with two locations in Miami and a third opening soon in Orlando. They are members of Florida Business for a Fair Minimum wage.

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