MassLive: $15 minimum wage debate looms over President Joe Biden’s COVID stimulus plan

By Benjamin Kail
MassLive, Jan 27, 2021

Democrats are pressing to double the federal minimum wage to $15, introducing a standalone bill in Congress Tuesday as lawmakers and White House officials haggle over President Joe Biden’s COVID-19 stimulus plan, which also includes a bump ...

“The economy will get a shot in the arm when states raise their minimum wage to start the new year,” Holly Sklar, CEO of Business for a Fair Minimum Wage, said in December. More than 1,300 businesses and business groups have signed on to support Sklar’s effort, according to CBS News.

“Businesses depend on customers who make enough to buy what they are selling, from food to car repairs,” Sklar said. “Minimum wage increases will go right back into local economies, helping workers and businesses get through the pandemic and economic crisis. Let’s hope 2021 is also the year we raise the federal minimum wage, ending the longest period without an increase since 1938, when it was enacted to help our nation recover from the Great Depression.” ...

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