Penn Live/Patriot News: Pa. Gov. Tom Wolf keeps trying to raise the minimum wage. Will he ever succeed?

By Ron Southwick
Penn Live/Patriot News, May 31, 2021. Also Marietta Journal

...At a news conference in Lancaster last week, Wolf repeated a now-familiar pitch to raise Pennsylvania’s minimum wage, which has remained at $7.25 per hour for a decade. Pennsylvania’s minimum wage mirrors the federal government. ...

Peter Barber, president of Two Dudes Painting Company, which hosted the governor’s event, said businesses would see the benefits of paying better wages. He said his painters start at $14 per hour and go to $15 per hour after 90 days. When companies pay higher wages, they will see lower turnover and better production and customer service.

“I know from experience that paying livable wages is also good for business,” Barber said.

Jennie Groff, CEO of Stroopies Inc. in Lancaster, attended the governor’s press conference. She said her workers are paid a minimum of $12 per hour. She said better wages keep good employees at her company, which makes waffle cookies. She credited her workers with helping the company thrive despite the pandemic.

“By treating our employees well, we’ve cultivated a sense of community, a sense of teamwork and incredible loyalty,” Groff said. ...

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