Florida Phoenix: FL will see its first phase of the minimum wage boost — $10 an hour — on Thursday, Sept. 30

By Issac Morgan
Florida Phoenix, Sep 29, 2021

Workers in Florida earning minimum wage will see a significant bump in pay on Thursday – from $8.65 to $10 an hour – the first phase of a wage hike connected to a constitutional amendment approved by voters in 2020. ...

Danielle Ferrari is the owner of a clothing store called Valhalla Resale in Tampa. As a small business owner, Ferrari told the Florida Phoenix in a phone conversation that the wage increase will “stimulate our community.”

“As a small business owner, I am super excited,” she said. “No business should have to exploit anyone in order to survive.”

Leigh Anne Balzekas, co-owner of The Disco Dolls in Tampa, said in a written statement:

“Florida’s minimum wage increase is great news for small businesses. When people make more money, they can spend more in their local communities. And paying fair wages helps you attract and keep talented employees, which in turn helps businesses grow and thrive. When our employees are happy, our customers are happy.” ...

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