WBAL News Radio: Council members to introduce bill to raise minimum wage in Howard County

By Kim Daley and Scott Wycoff, reporting
WBAL News Radio, Nov 1, 2021

Some council members in Howard County are introducing legislation Monday night to raise the minimum wage to make it the highest in the state.

The bill would eventually raise the minimum wage in Howard County to $16 per hour over the next several years. ...

Council members Jones and Rigby are officially introducing the legislation at the Howard County Council meeting at 7 p.m. They say living in Howard County is unaffordable for those making the current minimum wage and many families struggle to pay for basic necessities like food after paying their rent or mortgage. ...

Business owner Brian England spoke at the event, in support of the wage increase. He said it’s really a win, win for everyone.

“You're going to raise everybody up, everybody in the community should be a consumer, it shouldn't be just a small section. This is about making everybody have a good reasonable wage,” England said.

The bill will have a public hearing on Nov. 15, with a vote set for Dec. 6.

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