The Citizen: 'Important for quality of life': NY businesses endorse higher minimum wage

By Robert Harding
The Citizen, March 15, 2023

... The New York Business for a Fair Minimum Wage Coalition, with more than 250 members, endorsed the Raise the Wage Act. ... The coalition highlighted a Data for Progress poll released in January that found 80% of likely voters in New York either strongly or somewhat support the Raise the Wage Act. In upstate regions, at least two-thirds of voters said they support the legislation.

Holly Sklar, CEO of Business for a Fair Minimum Wage, said it helps businesses when customers have more money to spend.

"Research shows that minimum wage increases do not have negative employment effects," Sklar said. "Fair wages help businesses hire and retain employees and deliver the responsive customer service that leads to repeat customers instead of lost customers." ...

Jennifer Walls, who owns The Sweet Praxis in Syracuse, says minimum wage hikes help the economy. "They boost small business sales and revenues," Walls said. "A minimum wage reflecting the cost of living is important for quality of life." ...

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