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By Deja Parker
WMDT (47ABC) Delmarva, Feb 27, 2023

In Maryland, the question on the table is will minimum wage go up to $15.00 an hour sooner than intended. Many business owners went to the State House to testify in support of the measure. The Fair Wage Act of 2023 would lift the minimum wage to $15.00 in October. ... One business owner, Courtney Sunborn for Ecolostic Cleaning says she supports the bill because she’s been paying more than the minimum for years now.

She says it creates a better cycle for happy workers. “[The] employees feel not only appreciated by their boss, but also by the clients because the clients are appreciating seeing the same faces over and over again It's a win for everyone,” says Sunborn.

Sunborn says that this allows for better employee retention and less spending on training.

If this bill does not get passed, the minimum wage will gradually go up to $15.00 an hour by 2025. ...

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