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King TV: Fair wages contribute to 50 years of success, says CEO

King5 TV (Seattle)
By Danielle Leigh, April 18, 2017

Earth Friendly Products, which has a location in Lacey, celebrated 50 years in business on Tuesday.

The manufacturing company is the maker of ECOS, a line of eco-friendly cleaning products, which has been recognized by the EPA. The company started in Illinois in 1967 but expanded to Washington in 2010, largely to meet the growing demand for green cleaning products in the Northwest and Canada.

Daily Record: Menendez honors ‘50 years of green’ for Parsippany business

By Michael Izzo
Daily Record (NJ), April 13, 2017

PARSIPPANY – An environmentally conscious business celebrated its “50 years of green” in the township Thursday, with Senator Robert Menendez stopping by the facility to address employees. Menendez (D-NJ) congratulated Earth Friendly Products, known for its ECOS line of products, on its 50th anniversary in Parsippany. ... What began as a passion project in a garage is now a global industry leader in 60 worldwide markets, embracing higher standards without charging higher prices, Menendez said. ...

State Senator Joseph Pennacchio (R-26) also congratulated the company on its anniversary.

ABC2 News Baltimore: Mayor vetoes to minimum wage bill proposed by city council

By Dakarai Turner
ABC2 News Baltimore, March 24, 2017

BALTIMORE - Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh announced she would veto a bill that would set the city's minimum wage at $15 an hour.

It wasn't well received at Baltimore Bicycle Works, where co-owner Josh Keogh said employees already make above the current state minimum wage. Keogh believes an increased wage would lead to increased profits as more people have money to spend.

"People don't have enough money to sustain themselves, and that's a crisis in the city," Keogh said. ...

Baltimore Sun: Advocates call on Mayor Pugh to sign $15 minimum wage bill

By Lorraine Mirabella
Baltimore Sun, March 23, 2017

Supporters of Baltimore's $15 per hour minimum wage bill called on Mayor Catherine Pugh to deliver on her promise to support the higher wage ...

Josh Keogh, one of the owners of Baltimore Bicycle Works, said he believes his customers and future customers who get raises will have more money to spend at his Station North shop, which sells and repairs bicycles and accessories.

"It would be giving people who work in Baltimore something closer to a fair wage," Keogh said.

Baltimore Sun: Businesses balk at Baltimore's minimum wage bill

By Lorraine Mirabella
The Baltimore Sun, March 21, 2017

Some businesses applauded the council's move, saying it would help businesses, neighborhood and the economy as workers have more money to spend throughout the city.
"We've found that when you invest in your employees, they invest in your business," said Andrew Buerger, owner of yogurt drink maker B'More Organic...

Baltimore Sun: Baltimore City Council moves toward passing $15 minimum wage bill

By Luke Broadwater
The Baltimore Sun, March 6, 2017

Baltimore's City Council, pushed by a group of freshmen members seeking dramatic changes, gave preliminary approval Monday to a bill to raise the city's minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2022. ..."Today is a day I've waited for a long time," Councilwoman Mary Pat Clarke said after the 12-3 vote. ...

But some area businesses backed the idea. Josh Keogh, the co-owner of Baltimore Bicycle Works, called paying a "fair wage" a "great investment" for his company.

Sinclair Broadcasting Group: Fight for more training, not $15 minimum wage, business group says

By Stephen Loiaconi
Sinclair Broadcasting Group, March 3, 2017

WASHINGTON (Sinclair Broadcast Group) — ... The Baltimore City Council advanced a bill this week that would raise the city’s minimum wage to $15 per hour by 2022. It could get a vote by the full council next week. ... One group supporting the Baltimore measure is Business for a Fair Minimum Wage, a network of business owners and executives who say higher wages lead to lower employee turnover, higher productivity and more customer satisfaction. ...
Holly Sklar, the organization’s CEO, said the experience of communities that have raised their minimum wages does not bear out predictions of job losses and shuttered storefronts.

CFO: Holly Sklar: Raising the Minimum Wage Makes Economic Sense

Op-Ed By Holly Sklar, CEO, Business for a Fair Minimum Wage

Businesses depend on customers who can afford to buy what they are selling. When millions of workers can’t make ends meet because their wages haven’t kept up with the cost of living, it hurts business and it hurts the economy. ... A higher minimum wage makes good economic sense in other ways too. ...