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FOX 13 News: Florida Amendment 2 explained: Minimum wage hike

By Jennifer Holton
FOX 13 News (Tampa), Oct 7, 2020

... Danielle Ferrari, who owns Valhalla Resale in Tampa, supports the amendment.

“Right now our minimum wage in Florida is set at a poverty rate, and the right thing to do is to pay people a fair wage for the work that they do.”

Ferrari disagrees with Horne’s notion that the increase would drive prices up.

“When our communities are raised up from poverty, sales for local businesses will have to go up.” ...


Tampa Bay Times: The Florida constitutional amendments on the 2020 ballot, explained

By Kirby Wilson
Tampa Bay Times, Sep. 23, 2020

Florida voters have the power to dramatically change the laws of the state on Nov. 3. Half a dozen constitutional amendments could permanently shape Florida policy ...

Amendment 2: Raising Florida’s Minimum Wage

... This ballot initiative would gradually raise the minimum wage in Florida to $15 per hour by 2026. Florida’s current minimum wage is $8.56 per hour, greater than the $7.25 federal minimum wage.

Investopedia: Can a Family Survive on the U.S. Minimum Wage?

Minimum wage is meant to be a living wage, but falls short by a lot

By Andrew Bloomenthal
Investopedia, Aug 18, 2020

The federal minimum wage in the United States is $7.25. It is meant to be a living wage, but this isn't the case in practice. The hourly rate hasn’t kept up with the cost of living since the late 1960s. ...

In 1933, five years before the first minimum wage became law, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt said: “By living wages, I mean more than a bare subsistence level. I mean the wages of a decent living." ...

Washington Business Journal: 'A Band-Aid on a gunshot wound:' Small businesses desperately look to Congress for more relief

By Andy Medici
Washington Business Journal, Aug 11, 2020

... Boloco co-founder John Pepper’s journey began as part of a business school project, eventually growing to 22 locations that he sold to a private equity firm before buying it back years later to save what remained of the ailing chain. Set up as a B Corporation that balances profits with social value, Pepper put most of the profits into paying employees and promoting from within.