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Vermont Business Magazine: Sanders, top Democrats introduce bill raising minimum wage to $15 by 2025

Vermont Business Magazine, Jan 26, 2021

In a press conference today, incoming Senate Budget Committee Chairman Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont) joined incoming Senate HELP Committee Chair Patty Murray (D-WA), House Committee on Education and Labor Chairman Bobby Scott (D-VA), Congressional Progressive Caucus Chair Pramila Jayapal (D-WA), and Representative Stephanie Murphy (D-FL) to announce the introduction of legislation raising the federal minimum wage to $15 by 2025. ...

Herald Mail: Pennsylvania's minimum wage is the lowest in the region. Advocates tell lawmakers an increase is overdue.

By Chris Ullery, Bucks County Courier Times
Herald Mail, Jan 21, 2021

Democratic lawmakers heard from advocates, academics and business groups Monday on a renewed push to give minimum wage workers in Pennsylvania a raise to $15 an hour. Over 100 people attended the Zoom hearing on minimum wage hosted by the Pennsylvania Senate Democratic Policy Committee, covering a broad range of topics over three hours.

The state has used the $7.25-per-hour federal minimum wage since 2009, a wage that many lawmakers and advocates say is unlivable and perpetuates poverty. ...

MarketWatch: What economists and workers say about Biden’s bid for a $15 minimum wage and end to tip credits

By Elisabeth Buchwald
MarketWatch, Jan. 19, 2021

... Dubbed the American Rescue Plan, [Biden's] proposal also includes $1,400 stimulus checks and increased child tax credits. “No one working 40 hours a week should live below the poverty line,” Biden said when he announced the package. “That’s what it means if you work for less than $15 an hour and work 40 hours a week, you’re living in poverty.” ...

The Center Square: California minimum wage hits $14 in 2021

By Seth Sandronsky
The Center Square, Jan 5, 2021. Also in Tracy Press, Mountain House Press, Patterson Irrigator, Scotts Valley Press Banner, San Lorenzo Valley Press Banner

The hourly minimum wage in California rose to $14 on Jan. 1, and will climb to $15 in 2023. Firms with 25 workers or less have an extra year to raise the minimum wage to $15. Upon the minimum wage reaching $15 for all hourly employees, there will be annual adjustments for cost of living increases. ...

NJ Today: Minimum wages rise across USA

By Andrew Thompson
NJ Today, Jan 4, 2021

New Jersey is one of 20 states that will be raising their minimum wage to start the new year. Another four states have minimum wage increases scheduled later in 2021.

Business leaders across the country say minimum wage increases will boost consumer spending, strengthen local workforces and help build a shared economic recovery.

“The economy will get a shot in the arm when states raise their minimum wage to start the new year,” said Holly Sklar, CEO of Business for a Fair Minimum Wage.

Colorado Sun: New Year, new minimum wage: Colorado’s hourly rate jumps to $12.32 an hour

By Thy Vo
Colorado Sun, Jan 1, 2021

A new minimum wage increase will take effect in Colorado on New Year’s Day, bringing wages to $12.32 an hour, or $9.30 for tipped workers. The 2.7% statewide increase is based on language in the Colorado Constitution, which mandates annual inflation adjustments based on the consumer price index. Colorado voters approved a constitutional amendment in 2016 enshrining the annual wage increase in the state’s governing document. ...

FSR Magazine: As Biden Prepares to Take Office, the Minimum Wage Battle Returns

By Danny Klein
FSR Magazine, January 2021

As President-elect Joe Biden assumes office later this month, he’ll bring a host of potential changes to Washington. When it comes to the restaurant industry, no topic presses deeper or more controversial than minimum wage. Biden expressed previously, pointedly on his “Build Back Better” transition website, a desire to provide workers “a decent wage, at least $15 per hour.” He’s also pushed to end tipped minimum wage and sub-minimum wage for people with disabilities. ...

UPI: 20 states boost minimum wage

By Glenn Singer
UPI (United Press International), Jan 1, 2021

With the start of the new year, 20 states have raised their minimum wage - by as much as $1.50 per hour and as little as 8 cents.

For some workers, the increases will help their families whose bread earners have been hard-hit by the coronavirus and are trying to make ends meet. For others, miniscule increases won't make much of a dent. ...

NJ Spotlight News: Minimum wage up by $1 an hour in NJ, bringing it to $12 for most low-income workers

By John Reitmeyer
NJ Spotlight News, Dec 31, 2020

The hourly minimum wage in New Jersey goes up by $1 for most low-income workers starting Friday, bringing it to $12. The mandatory pay increase is the latest installment in the state’s ongoing ramp-up to a $15 hourly minimum wage and comes during the economic downturn triggered by an international pandemic that has hit low-income workers particularly hard. ...

Washington Informer: Maryland Minimum Wage Set to Increase Friday

By William J. Ford
Washington Informer, Dec 31, 2020

Nick Balmadier continues to gain coffee experience working at Vigilante Coffee Co. in College Park. Besides learning to grind coffee beans and brew java, the 22-year-old senior at the University of Maryland also gained another skill.

“I’ve learned how to clean better since working here,” said Balmadier of Howard County, who majors in community health. “It’s those little things that have made this an overall great experience.”

CBS: Low-wage workers in 20 states will see a pay raise on New Year's Day

By Aimee Picchi
CBS News MoneyWatch, Dec. 30, 2020

Workers in 20 states will get a pay hike on January 1 when the minimum wage increases, thanks to cost-of-living adjustments and other scheduled increases. Later in the year, another four states and Washington, D.C. will raise their baseline pay, which means that low-wage workers in almost half the nation could see higher pay next year. ...

Denver Gazette: Colorado's minimum wage gets a little higher on Friday

By David Mullen
Denver Gazette, Dec 30, 2020, Updated Jan 11, 2021

Workers throughout Colorado who earn minimum wage will get a slight pay raise on Friday. The minimum wage will rise from $12 per hour to $12.32 per hour. Colorado joins 19 other states that will be raising the minimum wage heading into 2021 and experts expect this to help local economies get back on track.

"The economy will get a shot in the arm when states raise their minimum wage to start the New Year," said Holly Sklar, CEO of Business for a Minimum Wage.