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WSHU NPR: 19 States To Raise Minimum Wage On January 1

By JD Allen
WSHU Public Radio Group, Dec 21, 2016

Nineteen states, including New York and Connecticut, are ringing in the New Year by raising their minimum wage.

Long Island’s minimum wage will increase to $10 an hour, New York City goes to $11 and the rest of state will start the year at $9.70... Connecticut’s minimum wage will rise to $10.10. ...

CNN Money: Minimum wage going up in 21 states, 22 cities

By Jeanne Sahadi
CNN Money, December 19, 2016

Come the new year, millions of the lowest-wage workers across the country will get a raise. Some of those raises will be very minor -- a cost of living adjustment amounting to an extra nickel or dime an hour. But in several places the jump will be between $1 and $2 an hour.

Even that may not sound like a lot, but it can provide a full-time worker with another $40 to $80 a week. That money, in turn, can make it easier to pay for essential expenses, such as groceries, commuting and keeping the lights on.

24/7 Wall St.: Minimum Wage to Rise in 19 States

By Paul Ausick
24/7 Wall St., December 15, 2016

Given a chance to have their say, voters say “Yes” to raising the minimum wage. ... The federal minimum wage, set in 2009 and unchanged since, is $7.25. In 21 states, that remains the current minimum. In 29 other states (30 if we count the District of Columbia), minimum wage levels vary between $7.50 an hour (New Mexico) and a current high of $11.50 in D.C.

Joplin Globe: Group to push Missouri to raise minimum wage to $9.45 an hour

By Jordan Larimore
Joplin Globe, Dec 11, 2016

...  Give Missourians a Raise — the same group that successfully campaigned for a ballot initiative raising the state's minimum wage from $5.15 to $6.50 per hour in 2006 — is considering multiple minimum wage proposals to try to bring before voters next year, said Lew Prince, the group's treasurer. That effort could include a petition drive. ...

US DOL Blog: Michael Lastoria: A Fair Wage: For the Love of People &pizza

By Michael Lastoria
US Department of Labor Blog, December 7, 2016

&pizza is a company that has been, and will continue to be, built on the shoulders of our employees. Fair pay is a vital ingredient to our company’s success, culture, and the wellbeing of all 490 members of what we call our “tribe.”

That is why we provide a starting wage significantly above the minimum.

Washington Post: A grocer raised its prices so it could increase workers’ wages

By Perry Stein
Washington Post, December 2, 2016

Glen’s Garden Market had a minimum-wage predicament. In July, the District’s hourly minimum wage increased to $11.50 — the same amount the upscale market was already paying its entry-level workers at two locations. The purveyor of high-end groceries and prepared foods no longer had an edge against other retailers in attracting high-quality, entry-level employees.

So owner Danielle Vogel boosted hourly wages by another dollar, to $12.50. ...

CFO Daily News: Election leads to minimum-wage increases: Is your state affected?

By Jared Bilski
CFO Daily News, Nov 30, 2016

A Republican president isn’t the only major change ushered in by the election. Several states will get a minimum wage bump as a result, too. With overwhelming approval, voters approved statewide minimum wage increases in four different states. ...

The election-based increases were also supported by businesses that believe these minimum wage bumps would ultimately have a positive long-term impact on their own bottom lines.

The push for a federal increase

Cox: Obama administration uses final weeks to push for higher minimum wage

By Justin Grey
Cox Media, Nov 22, 2016. Numerous papers and other outlets.

With only weeks left in office, President Barack Obama's administration has continued to advocate for a higher federal minimum wage. U.S. Secretary of Labor Tom Perez on Monday pushed for a minimum wage increase at a pizza chain in Washington called &pizza. The restaurant has grown from one location four years ago to 19 locations today. It pays well above the federal minimum wage of $7.25.

DC Inno: 50 on Fire

By Ryan O. Ferguson
DC Inno, Nov 22, 2016

50 on Fire will bring together D.C.'s best and brightest to recognize the disruptors, luminaries and visionaries that are pushing our city forward. ... The 50 on Fire Lifestyle category might be the most fun one. From flowers to beer to clothing, these innovators are making D.C. a city of world-class food and drink, classic style and vibrant community. Check out this year's finalists:

Michael Lastoria - &pizza

CFO: State Minimum Wage Votes May Pressure Congress to Act

Four states passed proposals to increase the minimum wage, adding to the growing support for higher pay floors for U.S. workers

By Sean Ollocca
CFO Magazine, Nov 17, 2016

Employees at low-paying jobs in four states can expect a raise next year after voters passed proposals on Election Day to increase the minimum wage. Arizona, Maine, and Colorado plan to gradually increase the wage floor to $12 from an average of just under $8 by 2020. Washington will hike an already above-average $9.47 an hour to $13.50 an hour over the same period. ...