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Fox 43 (PA): Dauphin Co. lawmaker proposes $15 minimum wage by 2023

By Matt Maisel
Fox 43 (PA), January 24, 2017

HARRISBURG, Pa. -- Fighting to raise the minimum wage [currently $7.25] is a battle state representative Patty Kim has lost for the last few years. ... With new leadership in 2017, Rep. Kim is hoping this legislative session brings an open look into bringing Pennsylvania's first wage hike since 2009. ... 

Forbes: Higher Seattle Minimum Wage Hasn't Hurt Restaurant Jobs Growth After A Year

By Erik Sherman
Forbes, Jan 7, 2017

Someone I know had posted a link about a fast food CEO who said that higher business growth followed minimum wage hikes in California. According to KQED, Bill Phelps, chief executive of Wetzel’s Pretzels, which has more than 100 outlets in the state, was "shocked" when business rose after a wage increase.

"My overall sales were something like 15 percent ahead after the first minimum wage bump, and now they’re about 12 percent ahead this year," [Franchisee] Jacobs said. "It isn’t because I’m such a great manager or smart guy, but the buying public has more money in their pocket."

Associated Press (AP): Obama's final jobs report

By Christopher S. Rugaber
Associated Press (AP), Jan 6, 2017

WASHINGTON (AP) — Americans' paychecks rose in December at the fastest pace in more than seven years as steady hiring and low unemployment led some businesses to pay more to attract and keep workers. Employers added 156,000 jobs, a decent total that shows that moderate hiring remains sustainable 7½ years after the recovery from the Great Recession began. ...

CBS Philly: Local Business Starts Minimum Wage Campaign

By Hadas Kuznits
CBS Philly, January 6, 2017

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — With little hope of the state government raising the minimum wage, one local business owner has taken matters into his own hands.

Ken Weinstein is owner of Trolley Car Diner and Trolley Car Cafe. This week, he independently launched the Wage Change Campaign, which asks business owners to voluntarily raise the minimum wage to eight dollars this year, and an additional dollar each year until it reaches eleven dollars in the year 2020.

Colorado Springs Independent: Low-income workers just got a raise

By J. Adrian Stanley
Colorado Springs Independent, Jan 4, 2016

The best present for many Colorado workers didn't show up under the Christmas tree — instead it will appear on their first paycheck of 2017. ...

Richard Skorman, owner of the Poor Richard's complex of restaurants and stores in north downtown, says he already pays his workers more than minimum wage, and he thinks most small business owners do the same. It's chains, he says, that usually pay minimum wage, and forcing them to pay workers more is likely to make small businesses like his more competitive.

Politico: California Playbook

Politico, Jan 4, 2017
By Carla Marinucci and David Siders

... “Fast Food CEO didn’t believe it, but now he’s seen it - higher minimum wage boosts business,” via KQED’s The California Report: Bill Phelps “is now convinced minimum wage increases aren’t bad for the fast food business; in fact, he says, they’re great. Phelps said you can see why if you visit the Wetzel’s Pretzels franchise in Concord’s Sunvalley Shopping Center.” ...

KQED: Fast Food CEO Says Higher Minimum Wage Boosts Business

By Sam Harnett
KQED (NPR), Jan 3, 2017

When California began raising its minimum wage two years ago, Bill Phelps wasn’t happy. Phelps is CEO of a fast food company called Wetzel’s Pretzels, which has almost 100 outlets in California. ... But something else happened entirely. Sales at his California stores immediately shot up.

“I was shocked,” Phelps says. “I was stunned by the business.”

Register Herald: Ohio minimum wage increased to $8.15 Jan. 1

Register Herald (OH), Jan 3, 2017

Some say amount remains too low

PREBLE COUNTY — Ohio workers currently earning minimum wage will see a small boost in their rate of pay come January 1, as the state’s minimum wage is raised from $8.10 to $8.15 per hour. ...

Business for a Fair Minimum Wage, an advocacy group which seeks to see the minimum wage increased across the country, says business leaders believe increases will “boost consumer spending, lower employee turnover, and increase productivity and customer satisfaction – helping businesses thrive and strengthening local economies.”

Mass Live (Springfield Republican): Massachusetts minimum wage increases to $11 an hour today

By Shira Schoenberg, Springfield Republican, January 1, 2017

Beginning today, minimum-wage workers in Massachusetts will enjoy a boost in their pay. The state minimum wage increases from $10 to $11 an hour on New Year's Day, the last of three increases required by a 2014 law. ...

Dean Cycon, founder and CEO of Dean's Beans Organic Coffee Co. in Orange and an advocate for raising the minimum wage, pays his 13 employees at least $13 an hour and covers all their health care costs.