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Associated Press (AP): In service-heavy Florida, minimum wage boost is on ballot

By Mike Schneider
Associated Press (AP), Oct 31, 2020

ORLANDO — Joseph Gourgue wishes he could help out his children and grandchildren financially, but his $9 an hour wage as a wheelchair attendant at Orlando International Airport doesn’t let him. ...

Having workers earn a good wage makes them more productive and willing to stay, especially in an industry like the restaurant business, which has high turnover, said Diego Tosoni, a Miami restauranteur who supports Amendment 2.

Naples Daily News: What will a $15 minimum wage in Southwest Florida mean? Depends on who you ask

By Laura Layden
Naples Daily News, Oct 29, 2020

A longtime fight for a $15 minimum wage in Florida will be decided Tuesday....

Tom Williams, the owner of Williams Agencies, a life insurance business with an office in Fort Myers, is for the change, which he said is sorely needed.

He's paid his starting workers at least $12 an hour for more than two years — and before that his lowest earners made $10, he said. And he has no qualms about raising his minimum hourly pay to $15 over the next few years. ... 

South Florida Business Journal: Why these South Florida business owners support a $15 minimum wage

By Ashley Portero
South Florida Business Journal, Oct 29, 2020

Jennifer Todd knows what it’s like to barely make ends meet. She spent years earning $12 an hour working as a secretary before launching Pompano Beach-based LMS General Contractors, a construction and demolition company, in 2013. ...

“I want [my employees] to be able to come to work without worrying about how they’re going to get to and from the job, or how they’re going to buy groceries,” she said. “I’ve been on that side and I don’t want them in that position.”

Bloomberg: Five Ballot Measures to Watch Next Week

By Jonathan Bernstein
Bloomberg, Oct 26, 2020

t’s not just candidates on the ballot next Tuesday. As usual, there are a host of ballot measures - 120 statewide ones, plus various local questions... These are the top five I’m watching ...

Florida’s Amendment 2 : Raise the State Minimum Wage to $15